A commitment to safety with Realtors Safety Month 2016

Opt for a self-defense classes

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The month of September is associated with safety of real estate agents (Realtors Safety Month) and taking this opportunity we introduce you to these rules which will guarantee the real estate agent’s well-being and help them to work securely in their work environment.

Have you experienced the fact that for some, Real Estate industry is not dangerous at all? But as a fact this industry is really very risky and not a very safe place to be in. There are frequent cases of horrifying incidents with employees which are noticed and can be prevented.

In order to get new clients, agents sometimes have to face some terrible moments where they have to connect with the client even at some faulty areas just for the sake of making a new client and the deal.

There are some major practices that should be kept in mind whenever going to crack a new deal. For example: Not meeting the client in an empty home, you should ensure other individuals or co-employee know where you are going, if you can get a duplicate of another customer’s driver’s permit it can prove beneficial.

Now, let us know what safety measures or points we should keep in mind when meeting a new client or dealing the hard situation in office hours.

#Checklist to remember when meeting new clients

1. Be on a safer side:

Keep the keys of the vehicle and your cell phone next to you.

2. Check all necessary points:

Whenever a customer turns up for any question or splitting an arrangement, dependably keep a photocopy of his driving permit for your records.

3.  Keep track of the client:

It is important to monitor your customer data so that you have their entire data record and whereabouts of the customers.
lities if you learn a new thing.

5. Hide your personal information

It is always suggested to hide all your personal information and use only your office data for client correspondence.

6. Be ready for a faulty situation

Hope for the best, however if the need arises prepare yourself for the difficult situation and keep your excuses ready for unusual times.

7. Be prepare for the worst

If ever you come to some unfamiliar area, prepare your mind and know the precise location of where you are going to be. You should keep the GPS handy and should be aware of your whereabouts at all times.

8. Don’t be too personal

Always ensure, when talking to a client don’t be too personal, always keep your personal data to yourself.

#Do’s during office hours

1.Take the safest route when going for a meeting with the client whether it be day or night.

2.It is always recommended that you always inform your office where you will be.

3.Always check the environment of the neighborhood, if you feel it is risky then always take another person with you.

4.Make sure you have studied the map of the property where you will be going to showcase the property to the client so that you know all the exit points.

5.Be Always ready for an emergency situation and be in touch with some one in the office.

#What office can do?

1.The office should keep a track of their employee’s records – vehicle information, residential record, and their contact information.

2.The office should have a record where there employee is going to the official meetings with the clients.

3.The office should provide their agents the whole record of the client.

4.The office should prevent their agent’s personal information such as agent’s residential address and their contact detail on their business card.

We should consider our own security, as well as we ought to rely on each other as a part of the same industry. Our endeavors can help us get out of a tricky situation on our own. Consider these techniques which can solve your security concerns. These security tips ought to wind up all your doubts and concern and will come out to be really successful.