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Advising buyers in today’s rapidly changing real estate market require meticulous analysis founded on experience and continued education. We engage today’s market with tenacity; utilizing current technology to search and analyze the rapidly changing real estate market. The “Pay it Forward” team members utilize state of the art operating systems to stay informed of market trends and influences that affect property values. We actively pursue listings through local periodicals, mail marketing, and our ever expanding network; allowing buyers an immediate look at a new listing. Operating in today’s rapidly moving real estate market require buyers to be fifteen minutes early, or their late.

Our sellers appreciate our knowledge, experience and ability to market their house. Any agent can list a property on the MLS and wait for a buyer, lowering the sales price until someone realizes the great value and makes an offer. To sell houses, you have to market. Although marketing can be expensive, we believe in the practice and budget accordingly. The “Pay it Forward” team makes great use of the web to get a property exposed. We have a large referral system and continually work to expand upon our network of contacts. And don’t forget our network of repeat customers recruited through exceptional service